Love for no Reason

Love for no Reason

Book Title: Love for no Reason

Author: Marci Shimoff

Format: Paperback | 368 pages

Publication Date: 10 Jan 2012

ISBN-13: 9781439165034

An instant New York Times bestseller, this powerful book from transformational expert Marci Shimoff, now in paperback, shows readers how to live happier and more open-hearted lives by experiencing more unconditional love. In Love for No Reason Marci Shimoff guides readers towards a life filled with love--the kind of love that doesn't depend on another person, situation, or romantic partner. Love for No Reason introduces a new way of thinking about love, defining it as an inner state of being that anyone can access at any time, and in any circumstance. To experience what Shimoff calls "Love for No Reason," one doesn't need to have the right partner, the perfect body, an ideal child, or a great job. As the book demonstrates through the examples of those who are living in this state of unconditional love, when you love for no reason you bring love to the world around you, rather than expect love from it. Supported by the latest scientific research on the biochemistry of love, Shimoff outlines a revolutionary program to develop and nurture more love from the inside out. She also offers practical tools and breakthrough methods that will empower readers to bring unconditional love to every aspect of their lives and introduces 150 Love Luminaries--world-renowned scientists, spiritual leaders, and psychologists, as well as people who are living in the state of Love for No Reason--many of whom share their moving personal stories. Regardless of the challenges people may face--whether they are relationship, economic, or business pressures--this book will show readers how they can become an unshakeable source of love for themselves and everyone around them.